Minimally Invasive Discectomy


Minimally Invasive Discectomy
Advantages :
1. Surgery is done under local anesthesia with conscious sedation.
2. 3 mm skin incision.
3. No muscle , ligament or tissue damage.
4. Early discharge of the the patient within 24 hours.
5. Bed rest for 5 days after surgery.
6. No blood loss.
7. No surgical sutures.
8. Maintenence of stability of spinal column.
A- Thermal Discoplasty or Nucleoplasty:
Arthrocare Technology
The 1st nucleoplasty was performed in the year 2000. Procedure combines disc removal and thermal coagulation to decompress contained herniated disc .
The nucleus pulposus is 1st ablated with R.F.( Radio frequency)  waves as the wand advanced causing a molecular dissociation converting tissues into gas which is removed through the needle .

Thermal treating of disc

As the wand is withdrawn , coagulation takes place thermally treating the channels .
This process is repeated up to 8 times within an individual disc .
The patient is then sent home the same day .
Low back pain with or without radiculopathy .
Failed conservative therapy .
Done in either lumber or cervical disc prolapse.
B- Dekompressor Procedure:
Stryker Technology
The decompressor is a disposable , self contained , battery operated hand piece connected to a hand probe
The outer cannula measures 1.5 mm with an inner rotating probe when activated the probe rotates creating suction to pull milled nucleus pulposus from the disc up to the cannula to a suction chamber at the base of the hand held unit .